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Welcome to the web-site of the Mincio's boatmen

This site is dedicated to the Mincio river and our service for boat-trip in the area from Mantua and the fishing villages of Rivalta and Grazie di Curtatone.
Here the river slows down its run and forms a great swamp extending more than a thousand hectares: it is the Natural Reserve of the Mincio's “valleys”, a humid environment of exceptional beauty.
If you love the unspoilt nature, if you prefer a more discreet tourism to the one of the masses, if you want to admire plants, flowers and birds, also rare, if you practise bird-watching or fishing, if you love art, monuments and churches, please, have a look at our proposals.

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The Mincio's boatmen
Grazie of Curtatone (MN)
Phone +39 0376 349 292