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We are a Consortium of professional boatmen, authorized by the Italian office (L.21 / '92-L.R. 20 / '95) for public transport. Also our boats are authorized by the Office of Transport, and are covered by an insurance policy for public transport.
We were born and lived all our lives along the river Mincio. The river doesn't have secrets for us. We will accompany you during the navigation with experience and professionalism.
Ettore Mantovanelli, with his passion for canoe and our lakes since ever, began his business on the river with a canoes and boats rental. Now he accompanies tourists to discover the natural wonders of our land, fulfilling his dream: to work in continuous contact with nature.
Gabriele Spadi carries on the family activity by doing work connected with the river activity, and comes from a traditionally family that works with the river.
His great passion for this environment has brought him to live by the river and work here.

The Mincio's boatmen
Grazie of Curtatone (MN)
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